Behind The Scenes ..

I’ve been in business for eight years. After the renovation from old factory to new home, rebranding to Belle Starr Antiques & Vintage Market, changing up our marketing, it's all been like a breath of fresh air. Here lately, I've received a lot of positive feedback, as well as a lot of questions regarding our presentation.  

 For the first time since our start in 2010, I’m able to step back a bit from our day to day operations of actually manning the register, spending more time working on the business instead of working for it. It’s been fantastically stimulating to be creative again and explore more ways to grow. Case in point, this relatively new blog. I’m definitely not a writer, but after leasing office space to the very talented ladies at Tipsy Mockingbird, they convinced me that I could and should take a stab at it. That doesn’t mean anyone is actually reading this, but that’s okay!  It’s fun for me, another creative outlet. And if there’s one thing I know a little something about, it’s this culture. After only eight years in our industry, my voice may be a small one, but I do have something to say about our collective vintage lifestyle.

With a background in interior design, it’s been a blast playing on my strengths again.  All the items you see advertised on our social media talk to me in one way or another. Sometimes, pictures don’t do a piece justice. Or perhaps an individual can’t see the potential for it when it’s sitting in a booth. One of my main goals is attempting to show clients how to spy great deals and how to put them to use. I’ll sing it all day, thrifting is the best. You can save so much dough by hunting at your local antique/vintage and thrift shops to obtain that flavorful perfect piece to fuse in to your modern home.

For example, when I recently advertised our friend Tammy’s booth, the first thing I honed in on was that semi circle desk. Here’s the original picture.

Her booth looks amazing, this is not a bad picture at all. But again, sometimes in photos, items don’t translate as well without a supporting cast. This piece is so funky, definitely handmade, and one of a kind. And in the photo it looks like a bar. When, in reality, it’s only 30“ tall.

Since I was shocked it hasn’t sold for the incredibly thrifty price of just $49, I thought I’d take a stab at staging it to show our clients how to see it in a different light. To me, it would be a perfect fit in a child's bedroom or playroom. So, like all our staged vignettes, it starts with one piece of inspiration. Here we go.

And there you are. Now, imagine using some of your child's art work, certificates, etc in those frames hanging on the wall.  That little desk shines and it is given a clear function. Find a piece as inspiration and then fill in your own blanks as it unfolds.

This entire grouping for a kids room cost less than $200. Mixing your old and new is easy enough. Depending on what room you’re decorating for, it’s simple to find base pieces and then accentuate the positive from there with your own already acquired items.

I’ve had several customers lately ask who the photographer and stylist is for these type shoots. Hi. It’s me. There’s no magic of fancy cameras or lenses. Just great items that are styled with a piece of inspiration and by someone who loves doing it.

The long and short of it, thrifting/junking/antiquing is where it’s at. When you go, take the time to find inspiration with function. You’re saving money plus creating something awesome by shopping sustainably. And that, in the words of Martha Stewart, is a good thing.

And now someone please buy this damn table desk. Because truly, it’s amazing!