Podcasting with the Rust Man!

I was recently invited to be a guest on a podcast called Buy, Sell, Trade: Pickers & Antiques.  It was an absolute blast to be a part of and I was really honored that my new friend Rusty even thought of me as a contributing guest for his show.

I’m super slow to the game. Up until this point, I haven’t really followed much of the podcast culture. My only experience (and a hilarious one at that) was with a podcast called My Dad Wrote a Porno.  My close buddy Ryanne talks about her favorites often. I have been hearing names like S-Town and Serial, the buzz surrounding certain ones and the culture as a whole is really impressive with very loyal listeners.  

After Rusty reached out to me for Buy, Sell, Trade, I started looking online for recommended podcasts and quickly realized the sheer volume of audio content and variety of subject matter out there was overwhelming. Your choices as a listener are unlimited. However, there weren’t many focused on our business of picking/junking/antiquing. All the more reason I accepted his invite as a guest.

After nine years in this business, I’m still learning from other vintage dealers and peddlers, so this new platform is a welcome one. Rusty himself is a dealer at Eden Antique Emporium in Bethany, Oklahoma for the past year, but he’s been a picker all his life. It’s always interesting comparing notes in our line of work, the differences in trends and pricing from market to market can be pretty extreme. It was a great opportunity to talk about the one thing I know better than anything else.  I really enjoyed our conversation about my experience in this industry and hope you do, too.

Click. Listen. Subscribe! Thanks for everything, Rust Man Vintage!